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TWG Winter Edition: The Werewolf Game Ends With You

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Player Sign Ups


Post Game


Host: Liggy


Role Cardflipping: On


All Reapers know each other.

1. Megumi Kitaniji - Can redirect a player's power each night. Cannot redirect Hanekoma or Neku. Redirections can be conditional if he so desires (e.g., "Redirect Alice, if she's Joshua send her to Bob, otherwise send her to Carol"). Wins if he survives until the end of the game, or if Neku does not. Cannot win if the Humans win.
2. Mitsuki Konishi - Learns the role of a chosen player each night. Can use this power as many times as she wants a night phase, but for every use of this power, an additional vote is counted against Konishi for the next lynch. Wins if Megumi is killed while she is alive, or if she survives until the end of the game. Cannot win if the Humans win.
3. Sho Minamimoto - Kills a chosen player each night. Wins if he kills Joshua, or if he survives until the end of the game. Cannot win if the Humans win.


4. Sanae Hanekoma - Every night, can distribute two pins of his choice to any players in the game (the pins can either be the same or different, and can either go to the same person or different people). Cannot give pins to himself. Wins if the majority of the game gives their approval for his victory. Approval can be given at any point during the game or 24 hours after the game is over, and Hanekoma will be told whenever a player gives their approval (and who the player is, as well). Approval cannot be rescinded. Megumi and Joshua must give their approval for Hanekoma to win. Knows the identity of Megumi and Joshua at the start of the game, but they do not know his.


5. Neku Sakuraba - Has a single-use seer, wizard, and vigi power. Can use as many as he wants per night.
6. Shiki Misaki - Seer. Chooses a player, and learns the color of that player at the end of night.
7. Joshua - Wizard. Chooses a player, and prevents that player from being killed and from using any power.
8. Beat - Vigi. Chooses a player to kill each night phase.
9. Player
10. Player
11. Player
12. Player
13. Player
14. Player

(For clarification, Players will be referred to as "humans". The term "player" from now on will refer to anybody signed up for the game.)

There are a couple different ways this game to end. They are, in order of prority, as follows (endings/win conditions listed first will override all endings/win conditions listed later if multiple conditions are met at the end of a phase):

  • All Reapers have fulfilled their primary win condition (that is, Neku is dead, Konishi was alive when Megumi died, and Sho killed Joshua). All three Reapers will be awarded a win, the game will end, and the humans lose.
  • All Reapers are dead. The game will end and the humans win. Regardless of whether they succeeded in fulfilling their primary win conditions, all Reapers will lose.
  • At least half of the living players in the game are Reapers. All living Reapers will be awarded a win, as well as any Reaper that fulfilled their primary win condition, the game will end, and the humans lose.

Regardless of what happens, Hanekoma will win if the majority of players (7 out of 13 people) give their approval for his victory. The timeframe in which players can give their approval starts when the topic goes up and ends 24 hours after the post-game thread is posted.


All pins are single use, and all are used during night phase. Pins cannot be traded, but can be held indefinitely.

Pin List:

Guard - Prevents a player from dying this night phase.
Vigi - Kills a player.
Seer - Learn a player's color.
Revoke - Prevent a player from using powers or pins this night phase.
Paint - Change a player's color this night phase.
Charismatic - Applies for the next day phase only.
Steal - Steals a player's pin. If the player attempts to use their pin the same night, the use will be negated. Fails if the player has no pins, but this pin is still expended.



Role Reveal:


Megumi Kitaniji - Doom
Mitsuki Konishi - Mr. E
Sho Minamimoto - CAT-296

Sanae Hanekoma - Kaiv√™ran

Neku Sakuraba - Alexor
Shiki Misaki - Pyro Guy
Joshua - Slike
Beat - BammerSteel

Player - Toby
Player - Golden Silver
Player - Fawful Koopa
Player - Mashi
Player - SirRobert
Player - Jon 


Winning Team:


Reapers and Sanae Hanekoma

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