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New TWG Index

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Seasonal -

TWG Winter Games 1: Walking Small

TWG Winter Games 2: I Spy

TWG Winter Games 3: ¡¡¡El Presidente!!!

TWG Winter Games 4: The Challenge Board

TWG Easter Game: Easter West

TWG Summer Game I: Poison Distribution

TWG Summer Game II: My Little Werewolf Game: Murder is Magic

TWG Summer Game III: Wealth Beyond Measure

TWG Summer Games IV: Overture of Sages 



Continuous -

TWG 66: In my dream, I am the star

TWG 67: Welcome to Despair

TWG 68: Everyone is playing Pokemon

TWG 69: pepsimaster42

TWG 70: The Werewolf Game

TWG 71: Lisztomania

TWG 72: Mercs Is For Jerks

TWG 73: A Series of Unfortunate Wolfings

TWG 74: Fool's Gold

TWG 75: Lynch and Let Wolf

TWG 76: Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions

TWG 77: Awakening

TWG 78: Town of Murr

TWG 79: Casino Imperiale

TWG 80: Do You Trust Me

TWG 81: This Game is an Allegory

TWG 82: Love in the Crossfire

TWG 83: Caldo de Siete Mares


TWG 85: The Other Werewolf Game

TWG 86: Freedom, Liberty, Justice, Big Macs

TWG 87: Dictator

TWG 88: Balance of Power

TWG 89: Welcome to Dangan Island 

TWG 90: Now With More Flavor

TWG 91: Biological Warlfredo

TWG 92: We Have Always Been at Way with Eurasia

TWG 93: Game of Mystery

TWG 94: Axem If He's Had Enough

TWG Centennial Fest Game 1: The Deep

TWG Centennial Fest Game 2: You Spy, We All Spy!

TWG Centennial Fest Game 3: Manic Mansion

TWG 95: Evil Mashi's Evil TWG!

TWG 96: Heart of the Cards

TWG 97: Color Me Surprised

TWG 98: Do You See What I See

TWG 99: Daes Dae'mar

TWG 100: The Bob-omb Game

TWG 101: Nomad's Land

TWG 102: I Sold My Soul to the Devil and All I Got Was This Lousy Power

TWG 103: The Werewolf Gamblers

TWG 104: Who Turned Out the Lights

TWG Winter Edition: The Werewolf Game Ends With You

TWG Dark Edition I: *wilhelm scream*

TWG Dark Edition II: Commune of the Dead

TWG Dark Edition III: A TWG about Poison

TWG Dark Edition 4: Puzzles


Joke TWGs -

Evil Mashi's Evil TWG

eTWG 1: Evil Mashi's Evil Takeover!

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