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Page history last edited by Kaivêran 1 year, 8 months ago



Welcome to the LLF TWG Wiki! 



This Wiki exists purely as a historical archive of the defunct LLF TWG tradition, and a repository/reference for its former players.

It will remain so until such time as whoever owns it decides to do something else with it.

Last Life no longer hosts TWG games or is in any way affiliated with TWG/Mafia/what have you.

DO NOT go to the Last Life community and pester anyone about TWG, least of all the admins.

Us nostalgia-addled boomers are not responsible for any resulting bans/bitchslaps.

Thank you for your understanding.


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Comments (13)

KT said

at 7:06 am on Apr 27, 2010

I like the image.

Liggy said

at 8:41 pm on Apr 27, 2010

Sauce is awesome

Super Goomba said

at 12:10 pm on Jun 13, 2010

Fixed the link.

Liggy said

at 8:42 pm on Jun 19, 2010

Thank you

Stanford Bunny said

at 3:09 am on Jun 20, 2010

Why didn't anyone add the manhunt

Liggy said

at 7:42 pm on Jun 20, 2010

Because the hype for this died out. We still have a lot to finish.

KT said

at 8:04 pm on Jun 30, 2010

Hey guys please don't steal locks when I'm editing. I'm making pages for the roles that don't have them.

KT said

at 8:06 pm on Jun 30, 2010


Tail said

at 2:09 am on Jul 1, 2010

Copy-and-paste exists, bro.

Liggy said

at 11:48 am on Jul 19, 2010

I added a new page. You too can access the TWG chatroom from the wiki!

Mashi said

at 11:22 pm on Sep 18, 2010

Mission "Revive the Wiki" go.

Kaivêran said

at 11:02 am on Jan 21, 2015

Yay new logo! Wiki still needs retitling though.

BammerSteel said

at 2:30 pm on Jun 18, 2015

The title is fixed now

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