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TWG 92: We Have Always Been at Way with Eurasia

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Host: Liggy




The year is 1984. Or 1982, or 1986, it's hard to tell these days. The world is divided between three superpowers, Oceania, Eurasia, and East Asia. The world is locked into a perpetual war, with free thought being a scarcity. One of these countries, Oceania, is led by a controlling government called the Party headed by an elusive figure known only as "Big Brother", whose only concern is making sure they stay in power while ensuring everyone else is incapable of usurping their regime.

All the while, a mysterious organization known as the Brotherhood is trying to remove the Party from power. However, is the Brotherhood really the free-spirited revolutionaries they seem to be, or are they just a fabrication of the endlessly corrupt Party?

TWG 92: We have always been at war with Eurasia

Cardflipping: On

The Party (Wolves)

1. Party Member
2. Party Member
3. Brotherhood Leader

In addition to the normal wolfing, the Party has eight single-use powers to use collectively. Multiple powers can be used in the same night phase, if the Wolves so choose, but powers can only be used during night.

Unperson - Makes the next update appear that a player was attacked but guarded.
Thinkpol - A half vote is placed on a selected player during the next day phase for each living wolf (i.e., if this power is used with three wolves left, a selected player will start the next day with 1.5 votes on the, regardless of who the wolves vote for).

Rectify - Refreshes one of the other Party's single use powers. Undoes the original effect of the power. Lynches and power usages will be re-calculated if using this power would affect previous lynch results or night phases. Players are able to be retroactively killed or revived by this power; if they are, it will be stated which phase they died on or that they didn't die. Alternatively, this power can be used to retroactively change Wolfings.
Rectify - See above. (i.e., Rectify can be used twice) (and yes, Rectify can be used on Rectify)

Upsub - A selected player's power is controlled by the Party for the current night phase.
Goodthink - Prevents any of the Parties' powers from being revoked during the current Night phase. Any Brotherhood Revoke power that was attempted to be used will not count as a use for the single-use power.

Facecrime - All seerings by the Brotherhood in the current night phase return a red result.
Joycamp - All seerings by the Brotherhood in the current night phase return a green result.

The Brotherhood (Specials)

4. Brotherhood Member
5. Brotherhood Member
6. Brotherhood Member

Each Brotherhood Member (but not the Leader) can choose to use a single single-use power from this list (i.e., if they seer someone Night 1, they can't use any powers (including seerings) for the rest of the game):

Double Guard - Targets two players. Successful Guardings are revealed to the thread.
Intercept - Target a player. If the player is targeted by another Brotherhood power that night phase (including guardings and interceptions), that player dies.
Revoke - Prevents the Party Members from using any of their single-use powers, by ministry (so if they revoke Miniplenty, Facecrime and Joycamp will not be able to be used). Any power (except Miniluv/Goodthink) they attempted to use will be refreshed.
Research - Receive a list of the powers the Party members still have left to use.

The Brotherhood (including the Leader) all know the names of the other Brotherhood members, but not their alignments.


The Brotherhood can collectively add players to the Brotherhood. That player will be seered orange, learn the names of the other Brotherhood members, and flip as a Brotherhood Member (along with their original role), but retain their alignment. In addition, if the inducted member was a Prole (but not a Party Member), they also be able to use one of the single-use powers. All players are immune to death the night they become a party member.

The amount of players that can be inducted each night varies depending on the phase:

Night 1: 2 Players
Night 2: 2 Players
Night 3: 1 Player
Night 4: 1 Player
Night 5 and after: None

Proles (Humans)

7. Prole
8. Prole
9. Prole
10. Prole
11. Prole
12. Prole
13. Prole
14. Prole
15. Prole

Power priority/resolution order:

Brotherhood Induction -> Miniluv/Goodthink -> Brotherhood Revoke -> Minitrue/Rectify (although any power can be used the same phase it's refreshed) -> Miniluv/Upsub - > Miniplenty/Joycamp -> Miniplenty/Facecrime -> All others -> Brotherhood Intercept -> Brotherhood Research -> Wolfing


1. Golden Silver
2. Savvy-Sauce
3. Makar
4. Jon
5. gzgregory
6. PokyLittleYoshi
7. Mashi
8. Mr. E
9. Nickname
10. Kaivêran
11. RongYu
12. James May
13. Fawful Koopa
14. LoneWolf
15. AddThreeAndFive



Role Reveal:


1. Golden Silver - Prole(Inducted Night 1)
2. Savvy-Sauce - Prole(Inducted Night 2)
3. Makar - Prole
4. Jon - Prole
5. gzgregory - Brotherhood Member
6. PokyLittleYoshi - Brotherhood Leader
7. Mashi - Prole(Inducted Night 3)
8. Mr. E - Brotherhood Member
9. Nickname - Party Member (Inducted Night 4)
10. Kaivêran - Party Member (Inducted Night 2)
11. RongYu - Brotherhood Member
12. James May - Prole
13. Fawful Koopa - Prole(Inducted Night 1)
14. LoneWolf - Prole
15. AddThreeAndFive - Prole



Humans Win

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