TWG 91: Biological Warlfredo

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Host: Fawful Koopa




1. Master Wolf- Can send a message to the doctor each night phase, relayed through the host.
2. Wolf Researcher - Each day phase, researches a player, to find out their complete medical history (what diseases they had each night, if any), as well as what disease they will contract next night.
3. Sick Wolf - Every Night, can visit someone. If they have a disease, it will be instead passed to the sick wolf the following night, and the sick wolf will be notified upon receiving the disease. Can target self.

4. Corrupt Doctor - Every day phase, can cure someone. If they have a disease, that disease is cured forever, and the Doctor is informed. Wins if and only if 3 diseases are cured before the end of the game. Doesn't override and immune to wolfings, but not lynchings. Can send a message to the wolf team at the end of each day phase, relayed through the host. Cannot contract diseases.

5. Human
6. Human
7. Human
8. Human
9. Human
10. Human
11. Human
12. Human
13. Human
14. Human
15. Human


The six diseases will be given to six random humans before the start of the game. At the end of each day phase, a new target will be decided for each disease, selected from the pool of living players, minus the Corrupt Doctor. No player can have more than one disease. If there are more diseases than players, certain diseases may simply not appear. Unless otherwise stated, you don't know if you have a disease. Only one player may have a certain disease at a time.

Nightmare - Gives the power of the Seer. Knows he has this disease.
General Toad Syndrome- Seered red. 
Voices- Every night phase, every dead player may send one message to the host. These messages will be relayed to the person with Voices at the beginning of the day phase, anonymously. Will only be informed of this disease if its power activates.
Semi-Coroneritis- Is told whenever a wolf dies or a disease is removed from the game. Only informed of this disease when this power activates.
Poor Constitution/High Charisma- Is killed if targeted during the night, except by the doctor. Vote counts as two.
Chronic Backstabbing Disorder- The player with this disease can choose to give in or to resist it. If they resist it, nothing will happen, but if they accept it they will permanently contract this disease (preventing further spread), become a traitor, and gain a seer power. Curing this disease after acceptance does not change the traitor's role. This disease cannot be cured on the first day, where's the fun in that? Wolves cannot make this decision


CBD Activation > Seer > Sick Wolf > Wolfing


Researcher > Doctor > Message > Lynch > Diseases Change Hands

Minor Change: To make the Corrupt Doctor's win condition less luck-based, CBD is now "curable," only for the CD's win condition. This does not affect alignments or powers.
Clarification: Wording altered to make this clearer: only one person may have a disease at a time. They pass around.
Clarification 2: The person with Coroneritis the phase after a wolf has died or a disease has been removed will be notified at the beginning of that phase. This notification may often occur after powers have been swapped.
Clarification 3: People are not notified when their diseases are cured, only the doctor.
Clarification 4: The traitor, if present, is seered green.


Role Reveal:


1. Master Wolf- Golden Silver
2. Wolf Researcher - Savvy-Sauce
3. Sick Wolf - BammerSteel

4. Corrupt Doctor - choof

5. Human - Liggy
6. Human - PokyLittleYoshi
7. Human - Makar
8. Human - LoneWolf
9. Human - Mivixion
10. Human - Nickname
11. Human - SirRobert
12. Human - gzgregory
13. Human - Jon
14. Human - Pyro Guy
15. Human
 - Cold Kitten


Humans and Doctor win