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TWG 90: Now With More Flavor

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Host: Kaivêran


Game: This game was run with the Hi-Roller's C9++ system.



  • This setup starts on a Day 0, to prevent a potentially large volume of kills (SK, Vigi, Wolf) from throwing off the game balance early, and to make sure everyone has a hand in their own destiny. For a detailed explanation, see hereThis notwithstanding, anyone that has a role choice to make on Day 0 has until the original deadline to do so, even in the event of an insta-lynch.
  • Players may vote for No Lynch as per the above, and also retract their votes (unvote).
  • The Wolves must specify one wolf to make the kill each night. This wolf can still use any active role abilities it has, but if roleblocked, both actions are canceled.
  • Guardians and Wizards prevent one night kill each.
  • Kills are indistinguishable – I will not use varying flavor for Wolf, Vigilante and/or Serial Killer night kills.
  • Failed kills will not be announced in any form.
  • If a player uses a 1-Shot power and is roleblocked in the same night, the power is still consumed.

24-hour Nights.
Player-Pool-Dependent Days.
– With 11-15 players alive, deadline is set to 3 RL days (72 hours).
– With 6-10 players alive, deadline is set to 2 RL days (48 hours).
– With 5 players and below, deadline is set to 1 RL day (24 hours)


1. Mivixion
2. Golden Silver
3. gzgregory
4. Savvy-Sauce
5. Pyro Guy
6. Nickname
7. Mr. E
8. Makar
9. FireArrow
10. Blastboxer22
11. Mashi
12. Jon
13. LoneWolf
14. SirRobert 
15. Cold Kitten
R1. BammerSteel - Replaces LoneWolf



1. Mivixion (Vanilla Human, survived to win)
2. Golden Silver (1-Shot Guardian, survived to win)
3. gzgregory (Mason A, wolfed Night 1)
4. Savvy-Sauce (1-Shot Seer, survived to win)
5. Pyro Guy (Vanilla Human, survived to win)
6. Nickname (Wolf Seer, lost by default)
7. Mr. E (Vanilla Human, survived to win)
8. Makar (Kamikaze, lynched Day 1)
9. FireArrow (Wolf Roleblocker, lynched Day 3)
10. Blastboxer22 (Mason B, survived to win)
11. Mashi (Wolf, lynched Day 2)
12. Jon (Vanilla Human, survived to win)
13. BammerSteel (Mason B, survived to win)
14. SirRobert (Wolf, lynched Day 0)
15. Cold Kitten (Mason A, wolfed Night 3)


Humans Win

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