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TWG 89: Welcome to Dangan Island

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Host Sign Ups

Player Sign Ups


Post Game


Host: LoneWolf


1. Ibuki Mioda - Wolf
2. Byakuya Togami – Wolf Imposter (once every other day, can pick someone to disguise as, when night happens, Togami will essentially be that role during the night, in terms of power, alignment, and color)
3. Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu – Mafia Godfather (can only be killed by a lynch, seered green)
4. Peko Pekoyama – Bodyguard (can guard a person, but will die if there is a successful guard)
5. Mahiru Koizumi - Human
6. Akane Owari – Charismatic Human
7. Mikan Tsumiki – Reviver (can revive someone once in the game)
8. Gundham Tanaka – Medium (once every other night, can allow a dead person to talk freely in the thread for the day phase)
9. Kazuichi Soda - Human
10. Sonia Nevermind – Human
11. Hiyoko Saionji – Disliked Human (vote counts for 0)
12. Nekomaru Nidai – 1x Deathproof (Survives the first attempt on his life)
13. Teruteru Hanamura - Human
14. Nagito Komaeda – Miller (Seered Red)
15. Hajime Hinata – Detective (Seer, but with flavour considering this is Dangan Ronpa)
16. Chiaki Nanami – Survivor (Wins an overriding victory if alive at the end of the game, if dies, cannot be revived). Thread will be told at the start of the game that Nanami needs to die for either side to win.

Role Reveal:
1. Ibuki Mioda - FireArrow
2. Byakuya Togami – Mr. E
3. Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu – Pyro Guy
4. Peko Pekoyama – gzgregory
5. Mahiru Koizumi - Mixivion
6. Akane Owari – Golden Silver
7. Mikan Tsumiki – BammerSteel
8. Gundham Tanaka – Dude
9. Kazuichi Soda - Nocturne
10. Sonia Nevermind – Kàiveran
11. Hiyoko Saionji – Fireball
12. Nekomaru Nidai – Sauce
13. Teruteru Hanamura - Makar
14. Nagito Komaeda – Fawful Koopa
15. Hajime Hinata – Jon
16. Chiaki Nanami – Joey


Humans Win!

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