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TWG 83: Caldo de Siete Mares

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Host: Golden Silver




In the ancient past, when the world was all Ocean, there was a Man. This Man lived on a small island in the Ocean, eating coconuts and various fruits which fell from the trees on the island. Sometimes, the Man went fishing, but he was never satisfied: the small animals in the Ocean were too small to enjoy, and the large animals in the Ocean were too large to hunt. One day, the Man, dissatisfied with his condition, climbed atop the tallest tree on the island and reached towards the heavens. He reached further, and further, until he finally grabbed a piece of star. The Man threw this piece of star into the oceans, and from it sprung various sea creatures. The Man was happy, but he did not know that he had awoken the Calamities...

1: The Fisherman: Can wolf one person every night. Can survive two night kills. Every time a Special dies, he gains a power corresponding to its power. Is informed when a special dies.

The Calamities:
2: Havoc: Can vigi one person each night.
3: Misery: Each night, can attempt to negate one special's power for one night/day. If their power is negated when they die, the Fisherman does not get their power.

4: The Shrimp: Can seer one person each night. If killed, the Fisherman gets a seering power.
5: The Abalone: Can revive one person each night. If he revives a person that can survive multiple night kills, they only come back with one health. Is told who is unrevivable. If killed, the Fisherman gets a reviving power.
6: The Halibut: If killed, he can brutal any person. However, the Fisherman also gets a Brutal power.
7: The Mussel: Has a one-use guarding. If killed, the Fisherman can change one person's color for the rest of the game.
8: The Crab: Can vigi one person each night. If killed, the Fisherman gets a single-use vigi.
9: The Tuna: Is Charismatic. If killed, the Fisherman gets a Charismatic power.
10: The Octopus: If a special is killed Night 1, The Octopus takes on that special's role and negates the power gain of the wolf. The dead special becomes unrevivable. Cannot be negated by Misery Night 1.

11: Trilobite
12: Trilobite
13: Trilobite
14: Trilobite
15: Strong Trilobite: Can survive two night kills. Is told he's a Trilobite.
16: Megalodon: Can survive two night kills. Is told he's a Trilobite.

The Wolves and Calamities know each other's identities.

It is announced whenever somebody is attacked, even if they were not killed.

Wolves: Win when all seven Specials are dead. Does not override the Calamities' victory.
Calamities: Win when number of Humans and Specials = number of Calamities. Does not override the wolf victory.
Humans: Win when the Calamities and The Fisherman are dead.

The game ends if the Humans or Calamities have reached their victory condition. 


Role Reveal:


1: The Fisherman: BammerSteel
2: Havoc: iDOWN
3: Misery: Fiver
4: The Shrimp: Jon
5: The Abalone: Kaiv√™ran
6: The Halibut: Doom
7: The MusselJames May XionFlux
8: The Crab: Jester
9: The Tuna: Dark Koopa
10: The Octopus: Super Goomba
11: Trilobite: Homie
12: Trilobite: Pyro Guy
13: Trilobite: Not Spy
14: Trilobite: Kyoni
15: Strong Trilobite: Savvy-Sauce
16: Megalodon: General Toad


Winning Team:



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