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Game Posting Guide for Hosting Polls

Page history last edited by Mashi 7 years ago

Game Posting Guide for Hosting Polls

Credits to Nighthawk for giving me a basis.

This Guide is designed assuming that you’ve created and had approved a TWG. The next step is posting the game in the topic. However, you cannot simply copy and paste your blueprints into the topic. A game reflects on the Host and if a game is disorganized or difficult to read, it becomes less likely to be voted on, even if it’s a good game!

In addition to actually being good and fun to play, games should be pretty and lucid. You want your voters to be able to look at your game briefly and have a good idea of what your game will entail.

1. Number your Roles.
2. Color your Roles the color they cardflip or are seered.
3. Put clarifications about the game at the top.
4. Group like-Roles together. As in, put the Wolves together at the top, following by Third Parties, then by Specials, etc. You can feel free to change the order, but be sure that the identity of each Role (and the Team they're on) is clear.
5. Avoid redundancy. Unless you're lame like Mashi, you don't need to add a description to every Role. Add one to Roles you feel others may find confusing or new. Likewise, there's no need to explain a Mechanic or Role more than once if you've done so at the top of the game or in another Role description.

[Game Title]
[Game Mechanic] - If your game has a unique, novel Mechanics or is reusing some old one (eg. cardflips), post about it here at the top.
[Clarifications on Ambiguities] - If there are any unique situations that may occur in the game regarding power usage or victory conditions, you should explain them here.

1. [Wolf Role]
2. [Wolf Role]
3. [Wolf Role]
4. [Third Party] (if applicable)
5. [Special Role]
6. [Special Role]
7. [Colored Human] (if applicable)
8. Human
9. Human
10. Human
11. Human
12. Human

I have made the following game as an example:

TWG μ: Reducks!!!
Color Cardflip: On
Victory Conditions: Wolves win when their number equals that of Humans and the Serial Killer is eliminated. Humans win when all Wolves and the Serial Killer are eliminated.
In the case where one Human, one Wolf, and the Serial Killer are alive on a Day Phase, the Serial Killer wins. If on a Night Phase, the Serial Killer wins if the Wolf fails to wolf the Serial Killer.
Miscellaneous: Blocked and missed wolfings will not be announced.
1. Master Wolf
2. Wolf Shaman
3. Wolf
4. Serial Killer – Sends the Host a PM every Night Phase with the name of a Player. At the end of the Night Phase, that Player is eliminated. Wins when he/she’s the last Player alive. Will survive one wolfing.
5. Seer
6. Guardian
7. Fruit Vendor – Sends the Host a PM every Night Phase with the name of a Player and a Fruit. That Player will receive that Fruit. The Fruit will be delicious and do absolutely nothing.
8. Miller
9. Human
10. Human
11. Human
12. Human

Guards > Serial Killer kills > Wolf wolfings > All other Powers

If needed, you may separate certain groups (eg. Wolves from Third Parties from Specials) with an additional space if you feel it applicable. Likewise, if you feel the need to add a description to a particular Role, you may do so on the same line, as I did with the Serial Killer and Fruit Vendor.  Descriptions should be left the colour black.

If your game has Roles that may complicate the definition of victory conditions for certain Teams, you should clarify them at the top of your game, below the title.  Power usage can be kept at the top or bottom.  Generally, the more third parties and/or vote manipulation abilities you allow, the more specific you’ll have to be regarding victory conditions. Try to exhaust every possible end-game scenario and decide how victory should be decided in each case if it’s ambiguous.
Likewise, if your game has any unique Mechanics (eg. cardflips, Day starts, etc.), they should also be noted at the top of your game, below the title.

Of course, if you ever feel the need to change the format slightly because of personal preference or convenience, feel free to do so. However, make sure not to cause the format to suffer from lack of clarity or disorganization of any kind. Games should be expressed concisely, but still remain informative.

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