TWG 81: This Game is an Allegory

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Host: Liggy




Role-Cardflipping: ON
Living players can talk to dead players, however dead players may not talk to anyone, living or dead, unless otherwise noted.


The Wolves are always informed of the true result of the cardflip, even if it was disguised. Three times per game, the wolves can disguise players. Disguises change a player's cardflipped role to a role of the Disguiser's choice and changes their color to match the disguised role. Disguises last for the current phase until the end of the next (one Night phase and one Day phase).

1. Stalker Wolf - Each Night phase, he can choose a player and learn their role.
2. Wolf Alchemist - Can choose to kill an extra player at night, but he must revive a dead human as well. If either part of this power is somehow negated, so is the other.


3. Traitor - Can choose each night to disguise himself. If he does disguise himself, he will appear as a normal human when cardflipped or investigated by the Stalker Wolf. When undisguised, he will appear as the Traitor when cardflipped or investigated. Can disguise himself as many times as he chooses. Additionally, he receives the name and color of the Stalker Wolf's target. Cannot be revived by the Wolf Alchemist, but otherwise counts as a human.


4. Medium - Chosen randomly from the normal humans at the beginning of Day 1. Each night phase, the Medium can revive a player for a single day phase and learns their role. The player dies again at the end of the next night phase. While alive, that player cannot vote or use powers, and does not count while determining victory conditions. That player, however, is allowed to freely communicate with any living player in the game. Any given player can only be revived once by the Medium.
5. Spy - Receives the name and color of the Stalker Wolf's target.
6. Oracle - Chooses a person each night phase. If the Oracle dies that night or the following day, that person's role is revealed to the thread. This power is not affected by disguises.


7. Herring - Cardflips as Herring. Is told he's a normal human.
8. Miller - Cardflips as the Wolf Alchemist, but is revealed to be the Miller by the Oracle. Is told he's a normal human.
9. Millwright - Cardflips as Millwright. Is told he's a normal human.
10. Human
11. Human
12. Human
13. Human
14. Human




Role Reveal:


1. Savvy-Sauce - Human
2. Pyro Guy - Human
3. Loxo123 - Miller
4. Mashi - Traitor
5. Funnygurl555 - Oracle
6. Doom - Herring
7. Golden Silver - Human
8. Fawful Koopa - Stalker Wolf
9. Fiver - Millwright
10. BammerSteel - Human
11. Nightawk - Human
12. gzgregory - Medium
13. Kaiv√™ran - Spy
14. SirRobert - Wolf Alchemist


Winning Team: