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Page history last edited by Kaivêran 5 years, 3 months ago

Native: [ˈqäivɛɾan]

Anglicized: ['kaɪvɚɹan]


Press ALT+0234 to spell my name.

Non-binary, http://pronoun.is/ey




About Me:

hehe Kaiveran more like GAYveran amirite


I do dumb things that have to do with tweg and video games. Sometimes people enjoy these things.


I am fluffy


Some Setups for Chat TWG!


Inno-6 (6p)

Wolf x1

Human x5


  • On Day 1, a single surviving human is publicly confirmed as innocent.
  • All other Days/Nights proceed as normal. (Variant: Night 2 can be skipped with the automatic death of the confirmed human, as there's no reason for the Wolf not to kill them)

Apparently this setup is perfectly (50/50) balanced if randomized, and chat TWG is pretty close to random anyway.


Twin Trap (8p)

Track-Immune Wolf x1
Watch-Immune Wolf x1
Tracker x1
Watcher x1
1-Shot Seer x1
Normal Human x3

Wolf kill is assigned, a single wolf must make the kill (obv)

Track-Immune Wolf is invisible to Tracker when killing, Watch-Immune Wolf is invisible to Watcher when killing.


Some Setups for Not-Chat TWG!


What is this, 2004? (16p)

Master Wolf x1
Wolf Revoker x1
Wolf Seer x1
Wolf x1
Seer x1
Guardian x1
Wizard x1
Revoker x1
Normal Human x8

No Cardflipping, No Lynch Abstention, Instas On, Final Destination.
Wolf Kill is assigned and can be stopped by Wizard or Human Revoker.
Wizard > Wolf Revoker > Human Revoker.

This setup is designed to ooze classic, nostalgic TWG in all its glory, while fixing the things that were broken about it.
The humans have a decent amount of power and chances to catch wolves, but they can't rely on the old trick of Seer claiming N1 and getting results the whole game protected by the hidden Guardian.

If the Seer tries it, the Wolf Revoker can block their seerings the whole game, unless they can find the Guardian, then the Seer likely dies.

Wizard can always step in to protect whoever, but again, the Blue being protected loses use of their power.
Wolves don't have to counterclaim and sacrifice one of their own to get rid of a Blue if they play their cards right.


So no, this isn't 2004, but hopefully it can be just as fun!


Playing History


Wolf: 0-2-0 (0%, 2 games)

Human: 4-3-0 (57.14%, 7 games)

Third Party: 1-0-0 (100%, 1 game)

Other: 1-0-0 (100%, 1 game)


TWG 72: Mercs is for Jerks
Human Millwright
Vengekilled Wartime, Day 26


Replaced Toby Wartime, Day 22. My first game onsite, and definitely my best performance thus far as human/town. I really went ham on this game because of the intractable situation the town quickly found itself in, it was either rise to the challenge or die. This game was pretty crazy with multiple parties fighting for dominance; I did my best and my strategies worked on a basic level of thinking. Town just got hoodwinked enough and lost whatever things that could have won them the game to wolf kills/recruitments and Mega Wolf fuckery. This was incredibly fun and an amazing game all around; that it came to a final three from 24 should say it all. #aintevenmad
TWG 74: Fool's Gold
Wolf B
Lynched Day 3
A super-neat vanilla/multiball/manhunt mashup game, rendered trash-tier by the massive inactivity and near total lack of engagement by anyone in the game. Nermal, the other wolf, bit it early on a botched Fool claim. I was doing okay, and then totally dropped the ball with killing Nighthawk; real life circumstances made sure I couldn't defend myself properly, and I claimed wolf. So much wasted potential. This setup should def. be run again
TWG 76: Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions

Blue: Dimitri Rascalov

(Faction Game)

Survived to endgame
Meh. I was doing great in a pink team, then the game rerolled and all the momentum went down the toilet. All the inactivity and people scared to do anything...kinda felt like a hollow win. Was fun being on a team with Mashi, though, even if we were hella disorganized.
TWG 80: Do You Trust Me? Human 2-Shot Seer + Miller Wolfed Night 3 WIN Good stuff, a mind-bending setup from Savvy-Sauce. Not sure if it was balanced, things were pretty chaotic. But I still managed to do some good, despite being pretty wrong headed early on, and very absent due to circumstances. During Night 3, I had 2/3 wolves in my lynchpool, and dropped gzgreg due to getting killed (I was going to drop him anyway, but switched at the last second). Then Nighthawk game-solved and nailed Jester for the win. Wooo~
TWG 81: This Game is an Allegory Human Spy  Killed Night 3, among other things
LOSS Got outed early due to a wolf gambit. My play wasn't the best, but I was totally right when it counted and my surviving human buddies were poised to carry the torch after I died for good...and then we lost the game because one player flaked. #loxosuxo
TWG 83: Caldo de Siete Mares Human Reviver
Survived to endgame WIN This setup was cooked in an Easy-Brake oven and we absolutely devoured it. Even with our suboptimal play stemming from Fiver stoking our paranoia we ended up steamrolling the wolves. I didn't even have to revive anyone. Still, my sympathies go out to the wolves this game, this had to suck some serious ass.
TWG 88: Balance of Power Human Mason  Killed Night 5 LOSS This setup was awesome. Too bad I played terribly and my team got rolled due to Sauce infiltrating us. Sure I had some real life issues, but that's no excuse to not use the time I had wisely. Instead I wasted my time and thus was wrong about nearly everything, and made some dumb power decisions that contributed to the overall loss. The nadir of my LLFTWG career so far, I'd say.
TWG 89: Welcome to Dangan Island Human Survived to endgame WIN Steamroll city. Kind of a shame given the work that went into it. Mr. E outed himself early and the luck of getting a solid alliance around Jon made things rather difficult for the wolves, and he gambitted his way to victory.
TWG 91: Biological Warlfredo Human Replaced out    
TWG 92: We Have Always Been at War with Eurasia Wolf Party Member  Lynched Day 3 LOSS lrn2spel Mashi
TWG 95: Evil Mashi's Evil TWG! Human Killed Night 1 WIN For the nostalgia.
TWG Winter Edition: The Werewolf Game Ends With You Sanae Hanekoma (Third Party)
Killed Night 1 WIN I'm glad everyone felt sorry for me.


Modding History


TWG 79: Casino Imperiale 15 > 7

Day 3


(WOLVES Lose, SK Loses)

First game ever run with the Hi-Roller's C9++ setup. For both the format (randomly generated semi-mystery game) and mechanics (day start, lynch rules) being so unfamiliar to the playerbase here, I'd say this game was a resounding success! People definitely jumped right into it and had fun. Wolves played okay but Savvy-Sauce the Elemental killed it. He played smart gambits and pretty much single-handedly won the game for Town. Of course, it had a lot to do with how he interacted with other power roles, allowing a solid alliance to be built in an unorthodox way.
TWG 90: Now With More Flavor 15 > 9 Night 3 TOWN Wins See postgame for details but basically this setup was cracked wide open and needs to be completely overhauled. Sadface
TWG 96: Heart of the Cards 11   WOLVES Win  



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