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TWG 79: Casino Imperiale

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Post Game


Host: Kaiv√™ran and Mr. E


Game: This game was run under the Hi-Roller's C9++ system.


Role Reveal:

Master Wolf - BammerSteel
Wolf Roleblocker - pranceguy
Wolf Kidnapper - Doom
Wolf - Super Goomba

Serial Killer (Bane + Inv. Immune, Extra Bane) - Mr. E

Tracker - gzgregory
1-Shot Guardian - XionFlux
1-Shot Roleblocker
- Jon
Kamikaze - Blinky Realms
1-Shot Backup - Liggy
Mage - Nighthawk
Elemental - Savvy-Sauce
VT (x3) - Golden Silver, Mashi, Fiver (replacing Boo Guy)


Winning Team: TOWN

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