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TWG 76: Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions

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Host Sign Ups

Player Sign Ups




Post Game


Host: Blinky Realms




Three powerful crime families plan to take the city of LLF by force...

The Faustin Bravta

Mikhail Faustin: "Also, by Mikhail's record, he protected Dimirti from being raped in prison." In light of this, once every night, he may send a PM to the host, containing the name of a player. That player will be guarded from the lynch on the following Day Phase.

Dimitri Rascalov"Dimitri is known for betraying his friends and partners, showing disloyalty to almost everyone." Every night, Dimitri may send a PM to the host, requesting to change his color to whatever he may choose for that phase. However, if he fails to make a choice, he will simply be seer'd blue for that phase instead.

Vladimir Glebov"As a senior member of the Faustin Bravta, Vlad has made a living as a loanshark." He's just an old man, but Uncle Vlad is a damn good con. Every night, he may visit a player. Just by him being there, they will wake up the next morning totally stoned, and in a huge debt to the Faustins. If they cannot pay off their debt by the next Night Phase, they will be executed by unknown means.

Ivan Bytchkov"Ivan, a member of the Faustin Bravta, is a burglar and a money lender." Ivan is a shrimp, and a damned weasel. Every night, he may go out and pay a visit to the headquarters of any member of any crime family. Though he may not know the identity of the player, he may redirect any power in the game to a player of his choosing.

Sergei"One of the reasons I stopped drinking is so I could stop hanging out with losers like Sergei." Yep, Sergei is a drunk. However, he has taken many a shot to protect the 'ol boss, and as such, he may protect any player from an attack that would occur at night, every Night Phase. (However, he cannot pay off Vlad's loans for another player.)

The McReary Family

Gerald "Gerry" McReary"Immediately, Gerry warned Niko not to hurt a friend of his family, or he would hurt a friend of Niko's." Sends the Host a PM with a player's name; the player's primary power will be nulled for that phase.

Officer Francis McReary"My philosophy to cleaning the streets of Liberty City is to do so one at a time-- to assassinate the crooks and loansharks, but not to bring the law into it." Every night, Francis may PM the name of a player to the host, and that player will die immediately, granted they aren't guarded.

Derrick McReary: "Derrick has shown to be the most compassionate of the McReary's, but can be extremely rash and violent while high or intoxicated." Don't worry guys, D-man is clean now. Derrick will show his "compassionate" side every night. He will be able to pay off another player's loans from Uncle Vlad, in the spirit of change.

Patrick "Packie" McReary"The world is a dark, ugly place Niko. What does it mean to be a man, anyway?" Despite his normal, upbeat demeanor, Packie harbors a secret dark side. To destroy this corrupt society from the inside out, he may paint a player a different color every night, and watch as the chaos unravels. (Yep. I tried to make the painter sound epic.)

Michael Keane"Shut up, Michael! You damn idiot..." Michael is an idiot. 'Nuff said. However, when he dies, the universe itself will feel a strange feeling to avenge this lovable moron, and he may chose a player to have killed, upon his death.

Pegorino Crime Family

Jimmy Pegorino"He's the last member of his bloodline to be in the crime family, after his son commited suicide. He prefers to use others for his personal gain, and is always wary of a traitor." Every Night, Jimmy may paint himself a different color. If he fails to do so, he'll be seer'd pink for that phase.

Ray Boccino"The captain of the Pegorino family is shown to kill without really thinking of the consequences, as anger can cloud his judgement. He sees everyone that cannot help him to victory to be expendable." Every Night, Ray may PM the host the name of a player. If that player isn't guarded, they will die.

Anthony Corrado"After the suicide of Jimmy's son, Jimmy recognized Anthony as his son. Anthony became Jimmy's bodyguard for many years to come, but left the gang after he was fed up with how corrupt Jimmy had become."Bodyguard - Sends the Host a PM every Night Phase with the name of a Player. If that Player is targeted to be vigi'd or poisoned, the aggressor is killed.

Phil Bell"A good friend to Jimmy, he prefers the art of persuasion above all else, even convincing Pegorino to kill Ray over himself, who was much more expendable." He is immune to both vigis and poisons, but not lynchings.

Johnny Barbosa"He's one of the enforcers to Ray, and while he's not being sent out to kill someone or smuggle some drugs, this pothead is doing drugs himself." Sends the Host a PM with a player's name; the player's vote will be equal to -2 the next day phase.

Luckily for the city dwellers of LLF, a few renegades have taken up arms to defend their fine city!

The Other Guys

The Pimp: Every night, the Pimp may send a PM to the host. The player selected in the PM will have their vote reduced to -2 for the following Day phase.

Taxi Driver: Every night, the Taxi Driver may guard one player via his indestructible cab. However, if he dies, the person he guarded dies along with him.

Bartender: Every night, the Bartender will visit a player. After overdosing him with booze, the target of the player's night ability will be randomized. That also includes if they opted out of using their power that night.

The Spy: Every night, he may select a player. The Spy will then learn all of those players actions from each night phase.

The Hitman: Every night, he may revoke a player's power. If that player was the leader, the leader will die instead.

Blinky Note: When the role PM's are sent out, every team will have a randomized leader selected, and the player will be told so in their role PM. The leader, along with their original power, will now gain a seering power as well. After that, another selection is made to decide a Treasurer, who can pay off Vlad's debt twice in the game. In order to have this bonus, you cannot be the leader, nor Derrick.

And a shortened version, too:
Mikhail Faustin: Lynch Guard

Dimitri Rascalov: Self-Painter

Vladimir Glebov: Poisoner

Ivan Bytchkov: Redirector

Sergei: Guardian


Gerald "Gerry" McReary: Potential Charismatic

Officer Francis McReary: Vigi

Derrick McReary: Cleric

Patrick "Packie" McReary: Painter

Michael Keane: Brutal


Jimmy Pegorino: Self-Painter

Ray Boccino: Vigi

Anthony Corrado: Bodyguard - Sends the Host a PM every Night Phase with the name of a Player. If that Player is targeted to be vigi'd or poisoned, the aggressor is killed.

Phil Bell: Immune to vigis/poisons 

Johnny Barbosa: Sends the Host a PM; if a Team member is targeted by an ability, Johnny may choose to be affected by it instead. Is not informed of who was targeted.


The Pimp: Reduces a player's vote for the day by 2.

Taxi Driver: Guard- If he is killed in the process of guarding, his target will die too.

Bartender: Randomized the target of night abilities

The Spy: Learns all of a player's actions every night phase.

The Hitman: Revoker/Potential Vigi

The Other Guys will only be added to the game if 20 players sign up. If twenty players cannot sign up, any additional players past the fifteenth will automatically become subs.



Role Reveal:


1. Nighthawk - Ivan Bytchkov
2. Golden Silver - Anthony Corrado *PINK TREASURER*
3. James May - Michael Keane
4. Nermal - Johnny Barbosa
5. Boo Guy - Sergei
6. Jub3r7 - Phil Bell *PINK LEADER*
7. Sage of the Forest - Mikhail Faustin
8. Jon - Jimmy Pegorino
9. Mashi - Dimitri Rascalov *BLUE LEADER*
10. Kaiveran - Vladimir Glebov *BLUE TREASURER*
11. Jalvo the Slime - Derrick McReary *GREEN LEADER*
12. Pyro Guy - Ray Boccino
13. BammerSteel - Officer Francis McReary *GREEN TREASURER*
14. gzgregory - Patrick "Packie" McReary
15. Doom - Gerald "Gerry" McReary


Winning Team:


The Faustin Bravta

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