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TWG 72: Mercs Is For Jerks

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Host: Tutan




TWG: Mercs Is For Jerks
The Last Days of the Triple Entente

Stylistic changes: Day Phases will be referred to as Wartime, while Night Phases will be referred to as Peacetime. Additionally, the game will start on Day 21 (as opposed to Day 1)

Mechanics changes and clarifications: 
If a player is protected from an attack, no notification will be announced that they were protected; it will show up as “No one died”. 
If a player is seered, the message will return as "Your seer result came back <COLOUR>!"
Priority of abilities during Peacetime: Midgar Zolomy > Hooker > Mega Copy > Miscellaneous Powers > Killing Powers
There are also adjustments to the Wolf team as discussed later

In the budding years of Mercs, the reign of the Triple Entente was without equal. Comprised of an alliance between the most powerful and influential teams, at one point headed by Tutan, General Toad, and Savvy-Sauce, it established a system of politics and oppression that suffocated anyone unfortunate enough to lie outside their inner circle. Worse still if they were enemies of the Entente. The weakest teams were made satellites of the conglomeration, pressured through fear tactics alone into making moves that benefited the elites.

By Day 20, after the fall of Dr. Wily, and as reliable satellites and partners continued to die off, power was concentrated between the two chief patrons of the Entente: Tutan and General Toad. Tutan cut ties with his first partner, General Toad (for a long time, the top team overall), enacting the second phase of his longterm plan; to eliminate his closest competitor. 

For a time, the showdowns were frantic with both sides scrambling for new allies. In time, Tutan would emerge victorious against GT in three showdowns, and topped it off with a come-from-behind victory in Tower of Tragedy. Not long after that, exhausted with the game, he retired his team; Mercs 1 had ended not long after that, and Tutan was declared the posthumous winner, having never lost a match.

Mercs 1 was an era of experimentation that coincided with an emerging metagame. The actions of the heavy, borderline mean-spirited politics shaped critical changes for subsequent editions. This TWG aims to bring back the Wild West mentality, offering mechanics that are both radical and rooted in simplicity

WOLVES: The Former Entente
The wolves will be informed that they are all in the same faction, but they will not be informed of their specific roles as a group. Each will know their own role, but not any of the others, just that they are all Wolves. Their objective is to bring the number of the Village so that it is equal to their own. Additionally, they must kill the Mega Wolf that has infiltrated their faction as well as the Cultist
Wolves share a kill for every Peacetime. All must agree on the vote; therefore, a majority of the wolves must confirm the vote to the host. If there is no majority (50% or more), the kill will not go through. If there is a tie of majority votes, the kill will be randomly decided. The Mega Wolf has a vote in this decision. All wolves will learn their roles after the Mega Wolf is killed
Within the wolf group, the Mega Wolf, the Wolf Spy, and the Wolf Hooker will be the only ones told of their specific roles. Everyone else in the Wolf party will be told that they are part of the wolf faction, as well as their partners in crime. If the Mega Wolf is killed, everyone will learn of their specific roles. The Protegé Wolf will learn of all powers copied if the Mega Wolf is killed.

1. Tutan (Mega Wolf): A 3rd party that has infiltrated the wolf team. He will be informed of all of the wolves, but not their roles, and everyone else will be told he is part of their team. His goal is to kill all of the Wolves in the game, as well as all of the Top Tiers and the Cultist
Every Peacetime, he may permanently copy the power(s) of a player of his choice. He may only use one active power (i.e. Seering, Guarding) at a time, but passive stuff (i.e. Charismatic, Ability Redirection) lasts forever. He is equipped with the Proto Shield, and is protected from wolf attacks as well as vigilante attacks. Every Peacetime, he may pass this off to a player of his choice (same way a Guardian protects others); however, he will lose his immunity in the process for the night. The Mega Wolf will be able to change his colour if he copies the colours of two different players.

2. Kingfisher (Master Wolf): Shows up as green if seered. Will not be told his specific role at the start of the game.

3. Goombachi (Spy Wolf): Every Peacetime, he may investigate a player of his choice for their role. 

4. Tail (Protégé Wolf): If Tutan is killed, Tail inherits all of the powers he had copied. He does not receive the Proto Shield or the ability to copy more abilities. Will not be told his specific role at the start of the game.

5. Fawful koopa (Brutal Wolf): If targeted by an ability, will attack whoever targeted him (only 1 kill – if there are multiple assailants, the target will be randomized). Additionally, if fawful is lynched, he will kill a player of his choice in return. Will not be told his specific role at the start of the game.

6. Akuma (Corrupt Mason): Shows up as orange if seered. Will not be told his specific role at the start of the game.

7. Princess Patricia (Hooker): Every Peacetime, may target a player. That player will be unable to use any abilities.

VILLAGE: The Oppressed
The objective of the Village is to eliminate the Former Entente (Wolves) and the Cult of the Shell (S/A).

8. General Toad (Vigilante/Permamiller): Every Peacetime, he may use Unworthy Maggots on a player, attempting to kill them. If he is seered at any point, regardless of the situation, he will turn up red

9. See Rawling (Psychic): Every Peacetime, he may use Abe to possess a player in the game. Additionally, that player’s vote during Wartime will be counted towards whoever he is voting for himself

10. Liggy (Monarch): Only once in the game during Wartime, may invoke Reign of Peace, immediately ending Wartime with no one getting lynched.

11. Savvy-Sauce (Seer): Every Peacetime, may have Zant use one of his MANY MANY MANY POWERS to discover the colour of another player

12. Light Bear (Guardian): Every Peacetime, may guard a player of his choice, protecting them from attacks with Knuckles’ fists metal crack’em

VILLAGE: The Satellites 

13. Slike (Turncoat): Selects whether he will start as a Human (wins if Village wins) or as a Traitor (wins if Wolves wins) at the start of the game Once every other Peacetime, may change his alignment and his colour accordingly

14. I.M. Meen (Oracle): Is told he is a normal Human. Upon death, will reveal the role of a player of his choice

15. birby6 (Herring): Is told he is a normal Human. Shows up blue when seered

16. Alfalfa (Miller): Is told he is a normal Human. Shows up red when seered

17. Kollin (Milwright): Is told he is a normal Human. Shows up orange when seered

18. Mashi (Human)

19. Shrugger (Human)

20. Black Ghost (Human)

21. Just a ? Block (Human)

22. badyoyo (Fool): Wants to be lynched. If he is lynched, he wins. The game continues as normal, but he kills a random Villager (Top Tier included) if he is lynched

23. The Dryest Bones (Charismatic Overseer): Vote counts as 2. Every Peacetime, may invite Midgar Zolomy to push a player out of the game temporarily. The use of their power will be cancelled, they cannot be targeted by abilities, and they will be unable to vote or post in the topic (outside correspondences I cannot moderate and thus have to be fair game). They will come back when that day's Wartime is concluded. The Overseer’s goal is to prolong the game as long as possible: if the game lasts to the end of Day 6, the Overseer will have satisfied his goals. If he satisfies his goals, he will receive a single use revive.

24. Someone/Anyone (Cultist): MORE BLOOD FOR THE SHELL GOD! Every Peacetime, S/A may attempt to kill a player of his choice. Additionally, he has the divine blessing of the shell, which randomly redirects any abilities targeted at him. S/A only wins when he is among the last two players in the game. If he kills The Dryest Bones, he will receive a seering power


Role Reveal:


1. Mega Wolf – Slike

2. Master Wolf – Golden Silver
3. Spy Wolf – gzgregory
4. Protégé Wolf – BammerSteel
5. Brutal Wolf – LoneWolf

6. Corrupt Mason – Mashi
7. Hooker Wolf – Mr. E

8. Vigilante/Permamiller – Savvy-Sauce
9. Psychic – Nermal

10. Monarch – Nighthawk
11. Seer – Damo Yoshi
12. Guardian – Boo Guy

13. Turncoat (Traitor by Endgame) – Liggy
14. Oracle – Sage of the Forest
15. Herring – Doom
16. Miller – Fiver
17. Milwright – Toby → Kaiveran
18. Human – AddThreeAndFive
19. Human – Blinky Realms
20. Human – Joey
21. Human – Saint Swooper

22. Fool – Super Goomba
23. Charismatic Overseer – Alfalfa 
24. Cultist –Someone/Anyone


Winning Team:


WOLVES (and Traitor) WIN and OVERSEER WINS, though I'm willing to concede at least a joint/moral win to the Cultist

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