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To join the room, join the main chat (with this link or this link) and type "/join #twg" into the box, without quotes.


If you have your own client that you prefer to use, here are the details:


Channel: #twg

Server: irc.esper.net


What is IRC TWG?


Simply put, it's The Werewolf Game run by an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) bot named Chuck_Quizmo.  You might have seen him around in the main chat hosting games like Trivia, Apples-to-Apples, or Harry Potter nerd offs that not even people like Hugo know the answers to.  As a whole, it's a whole lot simpler than normal TWG, and people tend to take it less seriously, but the core elements of TWG are still there!


It takes around 10-60 minutes per game, depending on how many people are playing.  Most games last under 30 minutes, though.


How do I play this?


To play TWG in the chat, you first have to join the chat room (see the very top of this page).  From there, you use the following commands during the game.  Any <> brackets are parameters, to be replaced with (and the brackets removed) when actually saying the command.


Commands sent to the normal TWG channel:


!twg <#> <mystery>


Starts a game of TWG with the specified number of players (anywhere between 3 and 10).  The mystery tag is optional, and if it's there, Chuck keeps the roles of the game a secret.




Joins the current game of TWG.  It only works when the TWG is in the sign-up phase and if you haven't already joined.




Ends the current game of TWG early.  This can be used by anyone at anytime, but please don't abuse it!


!vote <player>


Votes for the specified player.  The day ends when everyone has voted.  For those of you that played the earlier version of this TWG, you might remember not being able to change your vote.  However, in this updated version, you can.



Nulls any vote made by the player.



Shows who voted for whom.


Commands sent to #twgwolves:


!wolf <player>


Vote for who to wolf.  Obviously, this only works for the wolves.


Just a note here.  If you are a wolf, you MUST join #twgwolves to learn who the other wolves are and to vote for who to wolf.  Don't worry, no one else can join it or figure out who's in it.


Commands sent to Chuck (/msg Chuck_Quizmo)


!power <player>


Activate your power on a specified player.  The exact effects vary on your role, but it's always activated the same way.




If you're a wolf and can't enter #twgwolves, send this to chuck and he'll invite you again.


Other Stuff


If a role has "Wolf" in it anywhere, it's sided with the wolves, knows who they are, and wolfs with them.  That is why the Wolfsbane is the Wolvesbane here.


If it has "Psycho" in it, it counts as a wolf, but doesn't know the others ones and doesn't wolf with them.  Hence, the Wolf Assassin is the Psycho Assassin.






Human - A normal human.  Has no powers, and wants to eliminate all the wolves.

Miller - A normal human.  When Seer'd, gives a wolf result.

Brute - A human who, when lynched, kills a random person who voted for them.

Loose Cannon - A human who is immune to night actions, and kills whoever targets them.  If wolf'd, survives, and kills a random wolf.

Wolvesbane - A human who is immune to being wolf'd.

Seer - Each night, can find out if someone is a human or a wolf.

Vigi - A human with the power to kill someone every night.

Reviver - Each night, can revive a dead player, putting them back in the game.

Guardian - Can protect a player from death each night.

Revoker - Can choose anyone, and any night power they may have is nullified.




Traitor - Has no power, but sided with the wolves.  If seer'd, gives a human result.  He doesn't count for the wolf victory conditions or know the wolves.

Wolf - A wolf with no other powers.

Master Wolf - A wolf who, when seer'd, gives a human result.

Brutal Wolf - When lynched, kills another player who voted for them.  Sided with the Wolves.

Savage Wolf - A wolf immune to night actions, killing whoever targets them.

Vigibane Wolf - A wolf who is immune to being Vigi'd.

Wolf Shaman - Each night, gets a human or wolf result on another player.  Sided with the Wolves.

Psycho Asssassin - Counts as a wolf, but doesn't know them.  Can kill a player each night.  This kill counts as a Vigi kill, and can hit through a Wolvesbane.

Revoker Wolf - A wolf that can nullify any player's powers.


Also, at any time, except for voting on lynchings and wolfings, you can substitute <player> with <no one> to not use your power.

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