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How to Play and Basics


Overview and How to Play

This guide teaches you what TWG is, and how to play it. If you do not know how to play

The Werewolf Game, please click this guide. STARTED


Basic Strategies

You understand how to play, but do you understand how to win? The basic strategies

guide will go over some easy concepts for the human and wolf side, and teach you how

to exploit them. STARTED


Strategies for Playing


Mashi's Wolf Hunting Guide

A guide to help players find those pesky wolves. FINISHED


The 3 Subgames of TWG

TWG is a multifaceted game, and to play it effectively, one has to have a grasp on multiple

elements of play. This guide breaks these different elements down into three "subgames"

and approaches them from both a human and wolf perspective. FINISHED



Humanitarianism 101: Advanced Strategies For Wolves and Other Beasties

Ready to take your eeeeevil game to the next level? Whatever kind of bad dude you are,

here's Kai's advice help you dodge the ire of whatever poor town you land in

and emerge victorious atop a pile of gory bodies. Fun for the whole family!



A Normal Human Guide to Normal Human Affairs

Can't find your groove as a Green? Here's an article to tell you why you are

important, and how you can contribute as a plain Human to a not-so-plain game. 



Hosting and Game Creation 


Hosting Guide

So, you want to host a game. That's good, but do you have what it takes? This hosting guide

will take you through a crash course on hosting games. FINISHED


Game Creation Guide

A general overview of what goes into creating a game. Doesn't go into much detail, but discusses

the basics of all aspects of game design. FINISHED


Game Design Guide

What makes a game interesting and fun to play? How can you promote activity with

game mech´╗┐anics? How can I turn my idea into a game? FINISHED


Game Creation and Balancing Guide

Futher discussion on what makes a game fun to play, as well as how to turn

your draft into a fair and balanced game. FINISHED


Game Posting Guide for Hosting Polls

Guide to help advertise and show off you game.  FINISHED


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Savvy-Sauce said

at 11:05 am on Apr 25, 2010

I feel like the Rules page is kind of. It markets itself as a page for rules, but it also has an overview of the game and a glossary of terms.

Savvy-Sauce said

at 11:23 am on Apr 25, 2010

Also, I think hosting and game creation should be separated.

Liggy said

at 11:23 am on Apr 25, 2010

There should also be a wiki updating guide.

Savvy-Sauce said

at 11:26 am on Apr 25, 2010


Liggy said

at 11:29 am on Apr 25, 2010

Because there can. And that way people won't bombard me and iDOWN with questions over YIM.

Savvy-Sauce said

at 11:30 am on Apr 25, 2010

Oh. I thought you were insulting me, saying I was updating the wiki poorly or something.
Just put a "How to Edit this Wiki" link on the front page, and have your plans pasted there.

Liggy said

at 11:34 am on Apr 25, 2010

Ew. That requires work.

Liggy said

at 4:53 pm on Jun 30, 2010

Oh hey I finished the Hosting Guide.

Liggy said

at 12:56 pm on Jul 1, 2010

I noticed I forgot some sections in the Hosting guide, and I started the two we didn't already have.

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