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Last Life's Official Guidelines to TWG



In a basic TWG, there are two main Teams, the Wolves and the Humans. The Wolf Team wants to eliminate Humans from the game until they equal or are less in number than the remaining number of non-eliminated Wolves. The Human Team wants to eliminate all the Wolves. Generally, there are three times as many Humans as Wolves.

Each Wolf (very often 3 or 4) knows each other (unless otherwise specified) and may have certain powers that are stated in the Role’s description.

On the Human Team, there is generally an equal number of Wolves and Special Human Roles, which are Roles on the Human Team with powers that may or may not be similar to those of the Wolves. “Vanilla” Humans are Players on the Human Team with no powers.

Games function with two Phases; Night and Day. During the Night Phase, Wolves PM the Host of a game whom they want to eliminate. During the Day Phase, every Player places a vote (in bold) of whom they want to eliminate and the Player accruing the most votes is eliminated. Naturally, the Wolves will attempt to dupe the Humans and pretend to be searching for Wolves the whole time in an effort to survive.

Wolves have the advantage of knowing each other while Humans have the advantage of numbers. In TWG dynamic, each unique setup will require various different strategies from both sides, so no game is necessarily like another. Just have fun with it and hope for the best!


1. Contents of one’s Role PM may not be directly discussed. It is fine to refer to its contents, whether truthfully or dishonestly (eg. a Wolf claiming his/her Role to be normal Human), but not quote a PM in its entirety or similarly otherwise. This also means no screenshotting, forwarding of the PM, or otherwise.

2. Likewise, no conversations with the Host may be shared with anyone in the game. Clarifications about how a Role works or a Game Mechanics and similar answers from the Host may be shared, however. 

3. Living Players are permitted to speak to dead Players about the game at their own risk, but dead Players may not respond or speak to anyone about the game, whether through a chat service or through the topic. Dead Players may, however, observe the game from a public setting (eg. public chatroom or TWG topic).

4. Screenshots are banned from use unless stated otherwise by the Host.

5. Chatlogs are permitted to be faked. However, it is not permitted to falsely assume the identity of another Player (eg. Player A enters the IRC as Player B and pretends to be Player B).

6. Lynch votes must be bolded (preferably in Red) in the TWG topic to be counted as a vote. It is to the Host’s discretion to count intended votes that fail to do so.

7. Players may not place lynch votes on themselves unless otherwise specified.

8. An Insta occurs if more than 50% of maximum possible votes on a Player are placed on a Player.

9. If a Player fails to vote, he/she will be assigned a Phantom if no legitimate excuse is given (legitimate excuses include power outages, lack of Internet access, strategic reasons, etc). A Player with a Phantom may be replaced to the Host’s discretion. A Player who accrues Phantoms periodically (whether in one or multiple games) may be subject to one or more game bans to TWC’s discretion at the game’s completion.

10. In order to be a candidate for hosting, potential Hosts must have their games receive approval by at least one TWC member (currently Dark Koopa, Mashi, and Nighthawk).

11. Wolves win when their numbers are equal to that of Humans (unless otherwise specified or a non-KitB win is possible for the Humans). Whether certain Human powers (e.g. Charismatic Humans with 2 lynch votes, Revivers, Guardians, Vigis, etc.) discredit this rule is up to the discretion of the Host and should be clarified in the game opening post.

12. Players may not edit their posts in a TWG for any reason.


1. It is permissible to fake logs with any Player in the game. This also includes other items, such as PMs.

2. It is permissible for a Player to solicit another Player for logs. It is up to the latter Player whether to reveal those logs, but any in-game consequences as a result of the refusal or acceptance to the solicitation is justified. Keep in mind that any requests for logs you make as a human to another player may also be made to you if you are a wolf.

3. It is permissible for living Players to speak to dead Players at their own risk. However, dead Players may not speak back.

4. It is permissible for the Host to make minor revisions to certain Rules as he/she sees fit to the game (eg. A Host may prohibit living Players from speaking to dead Players about the game). The Host must explicitly state these revisions to the Players, however (preferably in the first post of the game). 

5. Regarding replacements, if Player B is replacing Player A, Player B should be informed of Player A's Role (as well as past power usage, Partners, etc. when applicable) before it is made public that Player B has replaced Player A.


Bandwagon - Used to refer to when a group of Players suddenly begin voting for a Player on the basis of little evidence.
Ballot-Box Game - Refers to a special type of TWG in which Players PM the Host their votes during the Day Phase.
Cardflip Game - Refers to a special type of TWG in which the Role or color of a Player is publicly announced in the topic once eliminated.
Faction Game - Refers to a special type of TWG in which rather than Wolves versus Humans, two or more factions compete with each other with similar or different win conditions.
Insta - The immediate end of a Day Phase when more than 50% of maximum possible votes are made on a Player.
Knife in the Box - If two or more Players have the same number of lynch votes on them, the Player to be lynched will be determined at random.
Mystery Game - Refers to a special type of TWG in which no Role list is supplied to the Players and each Player knows only their respective Role.
Safety - A vote placed on a Player when one is unsure of whom to vote for, may not be able to vote later, or similar reasons, and does not wish to receive a Phantom.
Seer - May refer to a Role or (usually when in all lowercase) the use of a power by said Role to discover a Player's color.
Third Party - A Role sided with neither the Wolves nor the Humans. Generally has its own win conditions.
Vigi - May refer to a Role or (usually when in all lowercase) the elimination of a Player from the game by said Role or similar non-wolfing powers.
Wolfing - Night Action by Wolves to eliminate a Player(s) from the game.

Note - This is a short, general list. Generally, Players make up terminology in a game when convenient. So long as the term used properly conveys its meaning, one may use any term they wish, even if it was made up on the spot.


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