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TWG 96: Heart of the Cards

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Host Sign Ups

Player Sign Ups


Post Game


Host: Kaivêran


11 players.




  • At the start of the game, nobody will have an alignment.
  • Before Night 1, there will be a Betting Stage where, starting at a certain time, players will race to select a "card" from a 10x10 grid in the hopes of gaining a power role. First come, first serve.
  • Each square has two power letters, drawn from the following. The combination of letters on the card determines the power you get.
    • T = Townie (no power)
    • S = Seer (investigation)
    • G = Guardian (protection)
    • V = Vigilante (killing)
    • M = Mason (linked)
    • B = Blocker (manipulative)
    • H = Hider (concealing/other)
  • Any non-T power letter drawn is worth 1 point each. The Betting Stage will end once either everyone has picked a card OR 8 power points have been drawn. (Should a card pick cause power points to exceed 8, the card pick will fail, but the Betting Stage will still terminate as if a legitimate pick happened. This only matters in the case where a 2-point role power is drawn at 7 power points.)
  • After the Betting Stage is done, Night 1 will begin and alignments will be given out, splitting the power points as equally as possible between Humans and Wolves. The following rules apply:
    • At 0-4 points, there will be 2 Wolves.
    • At 5-8 points, there will be 3 Wolves.
    • An odd power point will go to Wolves.
    • Should a 2-point role prevent even distribution of roles, it will be split up into two 1-point roles.
  • Some roles will change properties or even become another role entirely when in the hands of a Wolf, to prevent balance issues.

Breakdown of Roles and Odds

I will have Role PMs later. Ask questions if you need to.


TT: (no powers) | 30 cards


TS: 1-Shot Alignment Seer [Human] OR Color Seer [Wolf] | 6 cards

TG: 1-Shot Guard | 5 cards

TV: 1-Shot Vigilante OR Brutal Wolf (limit 2) | 5 cards

    Brutal for nightkills.

TM: 1-Shot Friendly Neighbor OR Master Wolf (limit 1) | 4 Cards

TB: 1-Shot Revoker | 4 Cards

TH: 1-Shot Traveler | 4 Cards

    Can choose to "leave town" for one Night during the game, rendering them untargetable.


SS: Alignment Seer [Human] OR Color Seer [Wolf] | 4 Cards

SG: Watcher | 3 cards

SV: Soothsayer OR Stealth Wolf (limit 1) | 3 Cards

    Soothsayer can choose to publicly reveal a player's power letters every night.
    Stealth Wolf's kills are untraceable and cannot be blocked by Revokers.

SM: S-Backup | 2 Cards

    Takes the power of the first role containing S to die. Is told if there are no S roles.

SB: Super Tracker | 2 Cards

    Can choose to either determine a player's action target or find out their power (but not their alignment) every night.

SH: JOAT | 2 Cards

    Has multiple single-shot abilities. Seer/Wizard/Vigi for Humans, Shaman/Revoke/Juggernaut for Wolves.

GG: Guardian | 3 Cards

GV: Bodyguard | 2 Cards

    Protects a player; if attacked, both the Bodyguard and attacker are killed.

GM: G-Backup | 2 Cards

    Takes the power of the first role containing G to die. Is told if there are no G roles.

GB: Wizard | 2 Cards

    Both protects and revokes its target.

GH: Kidnapper | 1 Cards

    Chooses to abduct a player at Night. This cancels their night action, makes them untargetable, and makes all actions that affect the Kidnapper also affect the target. If the Kidnapper is lynched the next day, his victim dies as well.

VV: Vigilante OR Wolf Assassin (limit 1) | 2 Cards

    Wolf Assassin can be killed by Wolves and v.v.

VM: V-Backup | 2 Cards

    Takes the power of the first role containing V to die. Is told if there are no V roles.

VB: Redirector | 1 Card

    Chooses one player and redirects their actions to another player.

VH: Loose Cannon OR Vengeful Wolf | 1 Card

    Loose Cannon power is active – it can be turned off and on.
    Once the Vengeful Wolf dies, it can revenge-kill anyone in the game the next Night.

MM: IC/Mason OR [random power role revealed to Wolves] | 4 Cards

    Innocent Child if alone, Mason if other humans draw it
    Wolves with this card do NOT get powers and instead have a random PR revealed to them.

MB: B-Backup | 1 Card

    Takes the power of the first role containing B to die. Is told if there are no B roles.

MH: H-Backup | 1 Card

    Takes the power of the first role containing H to die. Is told if there are no H roles.

BB: Revoker | 2 Cards

BH: Wolfsbane OR Shadow Wolf | 1 Card

    Wolfsbane only immune to normal Wolf kills – can still be killed by Vigi/Assassin or Juggernaut kill.
    Shadow Wolf is immune to all nightkills. Must be lynched.

HH: Hider | 1 Card

    Hides behind another person at Night, causing all actions that target him to fail, and all actions that affect his target affect him. Dies if he hides behind a Wolf.


Role Reveal:


1. Mashi (Normal Human)
2. Fawful Koopa (One-Shot Wolf Seer)
3. Liggy (Brutal Wolf)
4. SirRobert (Normal Human)
5. Golden Silver (One-Shot Seer)
6. Jon (Normal Human)
7. Super Goomba (Soothsayer)
8. FireArrow (Normal Human)
9. BammerSteel (Wolf G-Backup)
10. Asusetsu (One-Shot Guardian)
11. Mr. E (Normal Human)


Winning Team:



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